YUCPC Everest Challenge - 2005

In the alcohol fuelled haze of Goodricke bar, hauling ourselves up the equivalent height of Mount Everest in a mere 24 hours seemed a brilliant idea, an excellent physical challenge and a fantastic fundraiser. Well, last weekend (after much hard work and ass-whooping from Laura) that smoky dream became a reality!

The amount of participants was almost overwhelming, I really hadn’t envisaged queues and fights to get on the rope –unprecedented enthusiasm! Whether people climbed the height of the sports hall or the Eiger (congrats here to Steve ‘the machine’ Gilbert) it’s a fantastic achievement. Its going to take a while for the blisters to heal but it was worth it!

Natasha Durham (YUCPC President - 2004/2005)
10 March 2005

Everest Challenge Participants...

  • Adrian Turner
  • Andy Tricklebank
  • Andy Vick
  • Beth Gale
  • Bobbie
  • Dave Betteridge
  • Dave Hilly
  • Dominic Galliano
  • Ellie Jones
  • Gary Douthwaite
  • Holly Read
  • James Gregory
  • Laura Bennett
  • Laz Abbott
  • Matt Ewles
  • Mike 
  • Natasha Durham
  • Nicola Topham
  • Regan Early
  • Richard Gover
  • Steve Cooper
  • Steve Gilbert

Download Results List (PDF format)


This event is dedicated to Beth Gale who sadly is no longer with us.