YUCPC is not all about the caving... we also enjoy a good drink (or five)! During term time we will be in one of the many campus bars as well as having regular socials around York where there are more than one different pub for each day of the year!

Come rain or shine you can catch us propping up in one of the campus bars most evenings after the training session. The bar we go to can change depending on how busy they are but usually it will be Vanbrugh. Beer or cider is the only drink of a caver... drinking of any bottled nonsense shall result in a torrent of verbal abuse from other members of the club (just kidding).

Away from our training/drinking sessions we will try to arrange some kind of social on another day of the week. Recent examples include a myriad of bar crawls, around campus and town, often fancy dress themed (although this is optional as it usually received a chorus of groans from our old fart members who are far too old and sensible for those kinds of shenanigans).

We often go for meals out and organise parties at individual members houses such as beer and cheese parties, cake parties, video nights, curry nights, the annual Christmas meal weekend, the list goes on and on and on! If it's one thing we do well (except for caving) it's organising a party and eating, and invariably we manage to incorporate both of these into one!

Socials are organised mostly via the online club forum but impromptu meeting are also posted on Facebook. Bigger events such as the Christmas meal will require booking in advance and you will get an email with all the details.

We have a handful of members in the club who really don't like caving! Yes really! They've tried it a couple of times, and they go every now and again to prove a point, however, that's not what keeps them with us! In fact these folk love the social side of our club so much that we've nicknamed them the 'Social Cavers' and they are often to be found propping up the bar at the first suggestion of an evening get-together.