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Members can attend any of the events and caving trips and take part in training. If you want to join or just want to know more, come along to a training session or see us in the pub after!

Recent trips & events...

Wednesday February 26th

Quiz II: The Quiz Strikes Back

February 15th - 16th

Beginner's Weekend Away

February 8th - 9th

Bullpot Farm Weekend Away

Wednesday January 29th

Movie Night

January 25th - 26th

NPC Weekend Away

Trips & Events Diary

February 29th - March 1st Nenthead Mines Weekend Away

A visit to Nenthead in Cumbria that will provide our first opportunity of the year to visit another type of underground setting... mines! There are many miles of underground passageways where instead of natural wonders it is possible to see abandoned mining machinery and other relics. There's also a 100m deep shaft which there will be the opportunity to abseil down, so start practicing on the long prusik at training! Exploring mines provides its own unique challenges which are very different from standard caving, so this weekend is a wonderful opportunity.

N.B. Mines have unique dangers and require a level of caution, respect, and ability, and so places on this trip will be allocated on a basis of ability - speak to a committee member at training if you would like to come.

Thursday March 5th YUCPC AGM 2020

Our Annual General Meeting, where we decide and vote on the committee members for the next year. Turn up and vote for who you want to see on your committee - or for the free booze.

March 7th - 8th Northern CHECC

We plan to make a glorious return to CHECC this year - stay tuned for details.

Tuesday March 10th YUCPC Formal 2020

Our annual formal, where for once we're not dressed as cavers and instead enjoy an exquisite meal in our finery!

Venue TBC.

March 13th - 22nd Wales Week!

A highlight of the YUCPC year. We'll be heading down to South Wales where we will be staying at the SWCC bunkhouse. We'll be down south for a total of 9 days. The caving in wales is slightly different to the caving up in the Yorkshire Dales, as it is mostly horizontal and SRT is mostly not required.