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Rumbling Hole

Sunday January 30th 2022

Members present: Henry Sanders,  Paulina Poterlowicz,  Viki Smyth

Report by Paulina Poterlowicz

The virus! Its spreading! I don’t know what I can do to stop it. I’m writing this account in hopes that it will be of use to other survivors…if there are any.

The original plan for the weekend was a big NPC weekend away (considering my last report there is a trend here) But that all changed when the infection came, One pretty great graduation party led to a pretty not great Omicron outbreak in the club. Survivors where limited. Me, Henry and Viki, I don’t know how the others where spared. I only survived as I had already been infected 2 weeks prior.

We realised the only chance of survival was an escape into the Dales to hide in Rumbling. A such the day started early. I had to travel from home home to York pack the rope collect the others. Next, I risked my life braving the contamination zone (i.e. Rosie’s house) to pick up my gear which I had foolishly left there!

We soon set of on our attempt to escape the Apocalypse, but it was catching up to us as I made a fatal error! I somehow ignored google maps somewhere on the way and we ended up in the strange town of Knaresborough. Fortunately, after a 9 point turn we managed to escape…a close call.

After the traditional breakfast stop we set of for leck fell for a speedy change and entrance to the cave. Our efficiency only halted by an overexcited puppy and some very curious walkers. Clearly an attempt to sabotage us.

The entrance to the cave was spectacular as always if a bit drippier than last time we were there. And I soon got rigging. Having done this cave before no bolts were missed for once but I was quite upset to find the horrendously short insitu traverse which had made my previous trip here ever so fun if frustratingly difficult had been removed. (Another one of COVIDs attempt to foil us!?) Henry and Viki seemed to enjoy the gorgeous entrance as much as I did though it was somewhat hard to tell since I couldn’t hear a word out of their months due to the rumbling (heh heh) of the waterfall.

Inside was a winding passage leading to a fun little crawly traverse leading to a slot on the right-hand side and an interesting climb uncomfortably close to the pitch head, Poor Viki being last was awfully confused as Henry and I disappeared out of sight into the slot “guys where did you go!?” It was soon made clear to her on her turn, and we all got to the pitch head.

Here I got to do some new rigging. In my last trip here it was so so dry we bypassed the middle Y hang through the slot however this time this was certainly not the case and I actually had to rig properly. Turns out the slotty Y hang is incredibly fun! Honestly even if its dry I recommend rigging this for fun factor. This done I go to work on the MASSIVE Y hang over the next pitch, always a favourite.

Now this story needs some conflict, fortunately my character flaw offered to provide. Yes I missed a bolt fortunately it was a 5 metre pitch. But poor Viki and I had quite a drenched abseil into a waterfall. Once Viki was down I quickly prussiked up to fix my error and Henry soon joined us.
A short walk led to the final pitch which was rigged with no drama and we quickly got to the bottom, Of course it was still loud so we didn’t stay long. It was decided Viki would de-rig the inside of the cave and Henry the outside.

Viki did a speedy job of what’s honestly not an easy de-rig, her only adversary the tackle sack (a feeling we all know well) which got wedged in the slot on the middle pitch and refused to move.

Inside derigged we swapped to Henry who too began an efficient re-rig of the outside. I was just about to exit the cave when I heard a shout from below, “agh the ropes fallen out fuck” followed by a lot of grumbling as Henry attempted to repack it. De-rigging can really bring out your inner insanity as Henry soon learned, beginning a soulful ballad to the bolt as he carried on his work.

While Henry was enjoying his Solo, me and Viki were absolutely freezing outside and enjoying the full force of storm Malik, our only reprieve when Viki found a handwarmer she dropped on the way into the cave. Once Henry was done we set out to find the car and in keeping with the apocalyptic horror theme it. Was. Foggy. And I mean foggy. We couldn’t see a metre a head and vaguely waled upwards in an attempt to find the car. We walked and walked and started to get worried but we eventually saw the light of the Leck fell farm house in the distance and fortunately hit a road! Phew. After that it was a speedy frozen get changed in pouring rain and a nice drive back.

I really do like rumbling; the rigging Is always so awkward in a fun way. Viki gave a similar review of the re-rig. The one critic was Henry who described this as his “least favourite cave” having had a dramatic time with the tight squeezes on the pitch heads.

And now i leave you with a warning. Run. Hide in the nearest cave. The virus is coming!