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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Top Bimble - Fresher's Trip

Tuesday March 21st 2023

Members present: Alex Marsden-forrest,  Alfie Exall,  Christopher Oulton,  Elliot Macinnes,  Lucas Peters-murphy,  Sarah Moody,  Simon De la haye

Report by Sarah Moody

description of the route:

-Big chamber near the entrance
-wedding cake (Lucas and Elliot got married)
-corkscrew (skinny legend)
-Arète chamber. Had a waterfall which we later found the top of it.
-calcite slope and cool passage that looped back to the same place (had some nice curtains and caramel straws). This was all under the bagpipes.
-explored passages from Arète (one way too narrow and the other was a pitch I think so had to go back)?
-mission to get to bagpipes failed…
-backtracked to corkscrew
-wedding cake again
-got *gnomed*

Note for short people: I found the C7 (and C3 after it) climbs down from Arête chamber annoying. Bring a tall person to step on (thank you Lucas). -Sarah