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Gaping Gill (Dihedral) to Farrer Hall - 23rd Jun 2010

Wednesday June 23rd 2010

Members present: Chad B,  Marcus Roby

Report by Chad B

An awesome day down GG, adding to amount of times that I have had to do the long walk up, probably representing 10% of my trips. Seeing all the GG permits on the YUCPC diary makes me happy.

After the extremely disappointing failure of a trip a few months ago, I was rather happy to have got to Farrar Hall. The best section of the Whitsun series is beyond the natural barrier of the Font, with a vast array of really long and pretty straws decorating most of the passages. Towards the end a few squeezes have to be passed, which may put off some. In comparison, the far country is probably less well trodden and in better condition.

Fell beck was nearly bone dry, with hardly any water coming down the main shaft, which looked a brilliant as ever, lit up by the summer sun. I think that I could probably rig Dihedral in my sleep now, which is unsurprising considering this is the third time of doing so, and the fourth time doing this entrance in total. Despite Marcus doing a bit of photography the total trip time of five hours was very pleasing.