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Nick Pot - 30th Dec 2010

Thursday December 30th 2010

Members present: Chad B,  Jennie Hill,  Marcus Roby,  Marion Holloway

Report by Chad B

Well, the plan was to do Vulcun route, however this seems be a less than sensible option after the Christmas food!

A small hole in the grass to the left of Thornbers entrance marks Dawsons entrance. Once inside the entrance, a small crawl to the left leadd to Vulcun. It was narrow, it was then a the S-bend that I has thoughts about getting stuck. Once past this I saw the passage narrowing ahead - with a left hand bend at the end. At which point I began to with that I didn't have a tacklsack containing 130 m worth of rope. I decided to come back out and send the ladies down to check it out - although reversing back out of the s-hbend proved throublesome, I had to take my SRT kit off.

Maz and Jennie, went down without SRT kits, Maz seemed to be enjoying herself, Jennie probably less so, I didn'ty really fancy it, so decided that I would have to cone and try again in the future. So off we went down the traditional route - knowing that we may not have enough rope.

Rigging the Traverse of the Gods and the pitch head was pretty scary stuff (probably not helped by my visions of death that I had been associating with this trip!) Nick pot however is an awe insipring site with the water crashing down beside you at some speed. Alas after the Trouser Flake a knot pass was required, unfortunately as in the knot pass in X3 in Montenegro I was the only person to use it as the rope still dod not reach the bottom, a sling and a tacklesack cord left me 5 m off the ground - so off out we went.

A very cold draughty cave, but seeing Marcus going up was akin top that in TItan.

Will have to send in someone smaller than me to rig Vulcun then I can just focus on getting through if I was to come back again!

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