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Peak Cavern - 15th Jan 2011

Saturday January 15th 2011

Members present: Christina Cartaciano,  George Bunyan,  Kevin Francis

Report by Kevin Francis

My first YUCPC trip into this cave for 7 months. Believe it.

Took Mhairi on the usual trip around the sumps and did an extra small bit in the showcave.
Treasury Sump was rising and falling about an inch, pretty cool. Cooler was the water going up to Ink Sump, where bollocks received a thorough submersion, though thankfully head did not this time. Fell asleep on the way to Far Sump. Woke up in time to make Tina go the right way for Galena circuit. George successfully cleaned Tina mit flopjack and we allowed Newton Rigg to overtake us before admiring the penguin. Good efficient trip, followed by a selection of bread, meats and a jigsaw. Beware the madman in the junk shop or you may experience a sinking feeling.