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Llygad Llwchwr 1

Thursday December 29th 2011

Members present: Hayley Clamp,  Jennie Hill,  Mark Sims

Report by Jennie Hill

The description is a bit misleading in terms of locating the entrance, you can easily end up at Llygad Llwchwr 2. After parking on the side of the road climb over the stile and walk straight. To your left there is another gate and stile which you need to go through. This takes you past a shake hole on your left (this is the entrance to LL2). Carry on straight until you hit a path and follow it and the sound of water. There is another stile on your left with a warning sign. Climb over this stile and follow the path to the entrance.

The entrance itself is a small hole about 8ft off the floor. I would recommend attaching a 240 sling to the nice little natural above the hole to aid you on exiting.

It is a relatively short trip but fun all the same. There are several river chambers and pretty formations, although due to the high level of foot traffic you have to look a bit harder to find the latter. The main route is really polished so you can't go wrong finding your way through.

EXIT FEET FIRST! Gravity is not your friend here and with the entrance being quite small it is awkward to get your legs out if your upper half is hovering over a drop. The sling you attached previously will help you lower to the ground and hopefully avoid the river!

This cave has a high level of radon gas (not quite Giants Hole levels but worth noting all the same).