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Brown Hill Pot

Saturday December 8th 2012

Members present: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  John Holloway,  Marion Holloway

Report by Marion Holloway

Brown Hill keeps its reputation!

After a brew at the NPC we proceeded to stand in the snow for half an hour or so, trying to work up the enthusiasm to get changed. Evan had forgotten his undersuit and turned down Chad's so he was changed pretty quickly and waiting for the rest of us to faff around with gear.

A LONG walk up the hill, found us in the wrong field and we wandered back to find some CNCC guys outside the entrance to Brown Hill. I was debating backing out at that point and making a snowman instead but Chad and Evan were already down and needed the tacklesacks John and I were holding. So down the remains for the drum we headed (watching out for the rather sharp scrap metal left behind) and into the first crawl.

After a short struggle with my tackle bag I reached the first chamber to see Chad's feet poking out of the crawl. Evan was working his way through the tight bends ahead so john and I sat in the chamber and waited. Once Evan was through Chad headed along the crawl and I followed him, only to wriggle back a few minutes later when I realised he might be a while.

After five or ten minutes Chad was through too and it was my turn. I tried going over and under the squeeze but lying there with my face in a muddy puddle I decided I really couldn't be bothered wrestling with my tacklesack any more and decided to drop out. John and I headed out while Chad and Evan continued for a little way. We were quite surprised to turn around and see them following us down the hill on the way back to the car. It turned out Evan was getting too cold and wanted to turn back as well.

Back at the car we shanked ropes, got changed and headed to the NPC for another cup of tea before heading to Austwick for a few pints before the Christmas meal got underway.

All in all a fun trip, although I'm sure Brown Hill was tighter than last time!