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Notts Pot

Sunday February 3rd 2013

Members present: Andrew Vick,  Catherine Moody,  Evan Cooper,  Jonathan Booth,  Louise Bell,  Mark Sims,  Neal Wang,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton

Report by Jonathan Booth

Fairly straightforward to the bottom but derigging from the sump to the top via adamsons route took about 5 hours and made the trip a bit more difficult than we were expecting for Notts. After reaching the surfaces with lights dimming and bodies aching we were looking forward to a quick walk back to the car and some food and drink at the NPC. Leck Fell had other ideas and we spent an hour groping our way slowly accross the moor in a very thick fog while out tormentors (5 bags of rope) maade things as difficult as possible. If it hadn't been winter and if we didn't have a callout to make then I would probably have slept on the moor but eventually the road materialised in front of us and we soon found the car. Another Notts mini-epic, and another Leck Fell special.