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Hunt Pot

Saturday May 4th 2013

Members present: Esther Kim,  Jocelyn Coffin,  Kevin Francis,  Luke Brownbridge,  Sarah Jefferys

Report by Kevin Francis

It's a hole with not much at the bottom. Nothing in fact, apart from rocks and a dead duck.
I went up a climb that petered out to nothing and at no point threatened to be interesting. In fact the fun was coming back down again once I realised I had done a silly climb. About halfway up the main shaft next to a pool of water there is a passage that one may be able to traverse into, if I am ever to return I would try this for variety.
My indifference to the cave is not terriblly negative though, this was a fun trip and I now know what is at the bottom and proved to be good SRT practice. This would be more sensibly combined with another trip to make a proper day of it.