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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 1 Roundtrip

Wednesday March 19th 2014

Members present: Adam Walmsley,  Adam Hughes,  Mike Rippon,  Nettie Alevropoulos-borrill

Report by Adam Hughes

Since Walmslers, Ripon and Nettie were leaving in the afternoon it was decided to have a rapid bimble around OFDI up the stream way to Lowes Chain before heading up and out via the flood escape route. Mike was still having breakfast when we left so we agreed to meet him in the streamway by The Step on our way out.

Having done this trip a few times before I was tasked with navigating which procedeed without incident. I have to say I am a huge fan of the Bolt Traverses on the flood escape route. This was Netties first time doing them and I have to say she seemed more confident on them than I did when first attempting them!

By the time we got to end of the cave we were first alerted to Mike by the sound of music eminating from The Step and low and behold we found him in the streamway taking pictures. After a bit of faff, and Mike's camera battery dying, we headed for home back in time for tea and toast before those leaving departed.