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Streaks Pot

Sunday April 19th 2015

Members present: Kevin Francis,  Luke Brownbridge,  Vicky Bailey

Report by Kevin Francis

A great Sunday trip, taking us a very leisurely 3 three hours to see all the sights, including the fantastic Lu Blue sump.
The trip contained almost every type of crawling – on sand, in water, on cobbles, on flat limestone, on soil, on small prickly stones – and we did seem to spend a lot of our trip on our knees, good practice for the more gruelling northern stuff.
Also there was climbing, meandering through boulder chokes and slithering down rifts. The wet bits were very wet and in places committing, but the compact team meant I never got too cold. The squeezes were barely felt, though I imagine could test some. There were plenty of side routes to explore, including that to see Telescope Aven (in which we spotted a very unusual rock formation, wish I had my camera) and the final boulder choke. Despite the cave for me the most surprising part of the trip was flinging the corrugated iron entrance cover off, emerging into the sunny dale just in time to see a grinning Steven Spall drive past waving!