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King Pot To Bloodaxe - 25 Jun 2003

Wednesday June 25th 2003

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  David Sproson

Report by David Sproson

The plan for an elite midweek breakaway trip was somewhat foiled by a visit to Ziggy's the previous evening. Still, I only fell asleep at the wheel once which I consider pretty good going, all things considered.<br><br>The walk up the hill was thoroughly unpleasant in the heat, and by the time we found the cave we had nearly slacked off due to a hangover/dehydration combination. To add further insult to probable impending injury, the rope we had taken for one of the early pitches was not nearly long enough, and so, not wanting to mess up the order of our ropes, we tied a couple of long slings onto the bottom and descended the last few metres hand-over-hand.<br><br>We decided at this point that we had no chance of getting to the bottom, and ditched one of the tackle-sacks shortly afterwards. Andy, with no thought for his own sanity, volunteered himself to take the remaining bag through the T-traverse. Everything else went pretty much without a hitch, and we exited knackered but satisfied.