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Penyghent Pot - As far as the Canal - 03 Nov 2007

Saturday November 3rd 2007

Members present: Laz Abbott

Report by Laz Abbott

A bit of a recce whilst walking down Pen-Y-Gent to see if I could find the entrance again!

Directions to the cave:

Park at Brackenbottom and walk up the path towards Pen-Y-Gent. Keep on the path until the final wall in the fields to the left of the path before the top bit of Pen-Y-Gent.

Climb over the gate in the corner into the field and follow the wall North (Pen-Y-Gent on your right). When you are just approaching the second wall in the field to your left, turn right (away from the wall: in the direction of the top of Pen-Y-Gent). You should be able to see some bits of rock sticking out of a grassy mound about 10 m from the wall: head towards these and the entrance is just by it.

A scaffolded shaft down for about 4 m to drop into the streamway. (Then lots of crawling followed by lots of pitches, etc.)