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Rowter Hole - 18 May 2008

Sunday May 18th 2008

Members present: Adam Wilkinson,  David Mackie,  Kevin Francis,  Mark Sims,  Matthijs Bouwman

Report by Adam Wilkinson

This was quite a pleasant trip for what its worth. Defo a trip to do before or after Christmas meal. We had breakfast in Hathersage. Very nice place. We then headed to Castleton where we were witness to many many handgliders and paragliders criss crossing the sky. (Must keep eyes on road.) We got to rowter farm the same on for JH and headed for cave/mine.

Nice easy rigging and abseil down. Explored around a bit. I went off climbing to look at the aven but didn't explore further due to not wanting to use in situ ropes and stuff. We didn't go into the aven or hypothermia crawl. We went down instead to a small dig area and a pool. Loving the foot jammer for the way up the pitch. Went a bit crazy about 10m from entrance and almost knackered myself out rushing up the rope. But I was out. Got out and had to get changed into my work clothes as I was off to work after. Washed up a bit first though.