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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Trips & Reports 2014

Saturday February 15th 2014 Croesor - Rhosydd Members: Adrian Turner,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Jonathan Booth,  Mark Sims,  Mike Rippon,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton

12 photos by Adrian...

Sunday February 2nd 2014 Sell Gill Holes Members: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Joseph Parker,  Nettie Alevropoulos-borrill,  Will Scott
Saturday February 1st 2014 Bar Pot Members: Chad B,  Nettie Alevropoulos-borrill,  Will Scott
Saturday February 1st 2014 Bar Pot - Flood Entrance Members: Adam Walmsley,  Evan Cooper,  Steven Spall
Saturday February 1st 2014 Flood Entrance - Bar Pot Members: Joseph Parker,  Rochelle Reynolds,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton
Saturday January 11th 2014 Marble Steps Pot Sidewinder - Gully Exchange Members: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Luke Brownbridge,  Sarah Jefferys,  Vicky Bailey,  Will Scott

Vicky wrote...

We shall not cease from exploration And the end of all our exploring Will be to arrive where we started And know the place for the first time. Through the unknown, remembered gate When the last of earth left to discover Is that which was the beginning (T. S. Eliot, Four Quartets) T. S. Eliot was probably a caver. Luckily, he decided to stay behind on this particular trip, which... read more

Saturday January 4th 2014 Ireby Fell Cavern round trip Members: Adam Walmsley,  Kevin Francis,  Mark Sims,  Toby Buxton

Adam wrote...

As usual, I had no prior knowledge of this trip and gave it very little forethought. This one turned out to be an absolute cracker. It had been on Mark and Toby’s to-do list for a while, and I now know why. A bit of rain had fallen overnight and more was forecast that evening. Taking advice from Tony, we decided it'd be reet down Bubbles route. Apparently if we missed call out, he’d be sent to fetch us and... read more

Saturday January 4th 2014 Rowten Pot Members: Chad B,  John Holloway,  Marion Holloway
Friday January 3rd 2014 Twinkle Cave Members: Adam Walmsley,  Chad B,  Kevin Francis,  Mark Sims

Kevin wrote...

We went to Twinkle Cave. You probably didn't. Ner ner na ner ner! This is a real cave, with formations and room to swing multiple cats. It wasn't the cave we were looking for, but that doesn't really matter at this juncture. We also found multiple other caves / digs / buckets / sinks in the vicinity of Twinkle Cave. Twinkle Cave.

Thursday January 2nd 2014 Providence Pot - Dow Cave Members: Chad B,  John Holloway,  Mark Sims