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Trips & Reports 2013

Saturday December 28th 2013 Providence Pot - Dow Cave Members: Adam Walmsley,  Andrew Gilmartin
Sunday December 15th 2013 Ireby Fell Cavern Members: Adam Walmsley,  Catherine Moody,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton,  Vicky Bailey

Adam wrote...

An interesting trip. We split into two groups: Toby was to go with Sarah for 'rigging practice' down Ding Dong Bell while Cat, Vicky and I were to try to find Overshadow route. After swinging through the window half way down Ding, Cat had a look over to the right up a cobble slope. She didn't seem convinced so sent me on a recce. Up the cobble slope, round a corner, through a waterfall, round another corner and into a flat... read more

Catherine wrote...

Awww Walmslers, I had no idea you'd had such an epic! I'd just like to add/clarify a few things though as it makes it sound like we didn't care about poor Walmslers! After clambering up for a nosey along the passage, I was fairly sure the cobble slope had to be the right way based on the survey/rigging guide but it was all scarily loose and I didn't fancy the look of the continuing passage, so asked Walmslers to see what... read more

Friday December 6th 2013 Ogof Daren Cilau Camping at Hard Rock Cafe Members: Andrew Gilmartin

Andrew wrote...

For many years it had been my ambition to do an underground camp in Daren Cilau. The cave had captured my imagination as an eager undergraduate caver, full of enthusiasm and ambition. Having heard anecdotal descriptions of the entrance crawl and the time machine I was keen to experience the spirit of this cave right from the early days of my caving. Until this point I have had tried Daren with varying success – one of which ended as a... read more

Sunday December 1st 2013 Notts Pot Members: Chad B,  Harry Dobson,  Jonathan Rasch

Chad wrote...

Probably one of the best Notts Pot trips I’ve been on. Wanting to be back in York for a sensible time, the pace of the trip was pretty relentless, as to avoid the Notts pot time drain that too often occurs. So it was off down centre route, I still find the rigging at the top section bizarre, can’t complain though, a sling rebelay does the job nicely. As usual, I had packed light for centre route, so once again... read more

Sunday December 1st 2013 Sleets Gill Members: Elena Maters,  Evan Cooper,  Laura Bennett,  Luke Brownbridge,  Sarah Jefferys,  Tom Backhouse
Saturday November 30th 2013 Sleets Gill Members: Adrian Turner,  Catherine Moody,  Joanna Burden,  John Singleton,  Matthijs Bouwman

Catherine wrote...

Sleets Gill is a place I don't think the club has ever been to before (at least not in the last 17 years or so, according to the trips on the website), but after a recommendation from both John H and Northern Caves (which described it along the lines of "the finest cave in the area"!), Ade and I were sold, and quickly picked up some more recruits. It's a great little cave, though one strictly reserved for dry weather! I... read more

10 photos by Catherine...

Saturday November 30th 2013 Little Hull Pot Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Miguel Cambron,  Nettie Alevropoulos-borrill
Saturday November 30th 2013 Sell Gill Holes Wet Route Members: Harry Dobson,  Laura Bennett,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton
Saturday November 30th 2013 Dow Cave Members: John Holloway,  Marion Holloway,  Matthew Chubb,  Robert Mothersole,  Steven Spall,  Tom Backhouse
Saturday November 30th 2013 Hagg Gill Pot Members: Alexander Stelfox,  Jenna Sutton,  Jonathan Booth,  Julia Stelfox,  Matt Gosling
Saturday November 23rd 2013 Peak Cavern Moss Chamber Members: Adam Walmsley,  Evan Cooper,  Kevin Francis,  Mark Sims,  Matthew Chubb,  Robert Mothersole,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton,  Vicky Bailey

Adam wrote...

Having determined that none of the group were in a fit state to drive, a Peak Cavern bimble was the obvious choice for this CHECC trip. Full of sausage, the merry band made their way toward the gaping chasm through the bustling streets of Castleton village. The initial passages of Peak were perfectly proportioned for the group of 12. They wombled along the spacious streamway, inventing novel and innovative speleopastimes as they went. The mucky ducks weren't to everyone's taste, and... read more

Saturday November 23rd 2013 Maskhill Mine - Oxlow Cavern Members: Brianna Kilpatrick,  Marco Jones
Sunday November 17th 2013 Rowten Pot Members: Gary Douthwaite,  Patrick Kelly,  Steven Spall
Saturday November 16th 2013 Stream Passage Pot Members: Adam Walmsley,  Joanna Burden,  John Holloway,  Marion Holloway
Saturday November 16th 2013 Flood Entrance to Mud Hall Members: Matt Ewles,  Patrick Kelly,  Toby Buxton,  Will Scott
Sunday November 10th 2013 Bar Pot To the main chamber Members: Adam Hughes,  Ashley Meredith,  Luke Brownbridge,  Nick Bissett

Adam wrote...

My first time down Bar Pot (amazingly)! The trip was immensely faff free and ran very smoothly. The entrance pitch is quite awkward but relatively easy to get through before heading down the greasy slab to the second pitch. Route finding from there was quite easy to get to the main chamber with Luke recognising most of the passage. having never been in that part of the system before I wasn't much help until the crawl met up with the... read more

Saturday November 9th 2013 Rowten Pot Members: Harry Dobson,  Jonathan Rasch,  Mark Sims,  Toby Buxton,  Vicky Bailey
Sunday November 3rd 2013 Bar Pot to Main Chamber and Mud Hall Members: Gary Douthwaite,  Matt Ewles,  Nettie Alevropoulos-borrill,  Patrick Kelly,  Will Scott

Matt wrote...

A surperb freshers trip to Bar Pot and perhaps one of the most efficient ever! David and I were not needed as drivers so, rather than spend the day watching telly, we decided to go with the Bar Pot trip. We went directly to The Dales while Gary went and picked up people and ropes at the container. This meant that when Garys car arrived in Ingleton, David and I had already had breakfast, and so we took the ropes... read more

Saturday November 2nd 2013 Alum Pot Members: Luke Brownbridge,  Rochelle Reynolds,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton
Sunday October 27th 2013 Jingling Pot via Little Gully and Lateral Cleft Members: Adam Hughes,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Brianna Kilpatrick,  Kenric Yuen,  Miguel Cambron,  Neal Wang,  Sophie Hentschel

Adam wrote...

So at least my 4th trip to this epic of epic caves! And once again we got there to find it rather full! An hour wait on the windy surface turned into a complete faff when the heavens opened and we all got soaked. Lovely. Anyhow after more waiting in the cold and wet the previous group finally vacated the cave and so we were off! Andy rigged the whole system after I gave him a broad overview of what... read more

13 photos by Brianna...

Sunday October 27th 2013 Bull Pot of the Witches to Gour Chamber Members: Catherine Moody,  Holly Tobin,  Jonathan Booth,  Robert Mothersole
Sunday October 27th 2013 Sell Gill Holes Members: Matt Ewles,  Toby Buxton,  Vicky Bailey,  Will Scott
Sunday October 27th 2013 Bull Pot of the Witches SRT Route Members: Laura Bennett,  Luke Brownbridge,  Rochelle Reynolds,  Sarah Jefferys
Sunday October 27th 2013 Mistral Hole Members: Adam Walmsley,  Evan Cooper,  Jonathan Rasch,  Mark Sims
Saturday October 26th 2013 Wretched Rabbit - County Pot via Manchester Bypass Members: Adam Walmsley,  Catherine Moody,  Holly Tobin,  Kenric Yuen,  Mark Sims,  Robert Mothersole

Catherine wrote...

Forecasts of 85 mph winds in Snowdonia and a flooded bothy meant my original weekend plans were cancelled, so it was off to BPF to join in with the club weekend away. Rushed re-packing resulted in my SRT kit getting left at home which limited the trip options somewhat! The weather had been grim all week and there was more rain forecast so we were aiming to stay out of the main drain. So, making use of Easegill's two flood... read more

5 photos by Catherine...

Saturday October 26th 2013 Lancaster Hole - Wretched Rabbit Members: Evan Cooper,  Gary Douthwaite,  Jonathan Rasch,  Luke Brownbridge,  Miguel Cambron,  Sarah Jefferys
Saturday October 26th 2013 Bull Pot of the Witches SRT Route Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Brianna Kilpatrick,  Neal Wang,  Sophie Hentschel,  Toby Buxton,  Vicky Bailey
Saturday October 26th 2013 Lancaster Hole Members: Matt Ewles,  Rochelle Reynolds,  Will Scott
Friday October 25th 2013 Bull Pot of the Witches Members: Evan Cooper,  Jonathan Rasch,  Matt Gosling
Sunday October 20th 2013 Valley Entrance Members: Alice Garner,  Enjie Wang,  Harry Dobson,  Hokay Chung,  Juliette Carter,  Kevin Francis,  Luke Brownbridge,  Patrick Kelly