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Jingling Pot via Little Gully and Lateral Cleft

Sunday October 27th 2013

Members present: Adam Hughes,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Brianna Kilpatrick,  Kenric Yuen,  Miguel Cambron,  Neal Wang,  Sophie Hentschel

Report by Adam Hughes

So at least my 4th trip to this epic of epic caves!

And once again we got there to find it rather full! An hour wait on the windy surface turned into a complete faff when the heavens opened and we all got soaked. Lovely.

Anyhow after more waiting in the cold and wet the previous group finally vacated the cave and so we were off! Andy rigged the whole system after I gave him a broad overview of what awaited inside.

Everything ran really smoothly on the way down with the Freshers doing really well!! Eventually we all reached the bottom about an hour and half after we entered. Chocolate distributed and consumed we started to head out. Sophie and Kenric got out first and headed down to the cars to meet Gary and David. I derigged and once again the freshers did really well on the way out.

Getting out at 6 and it being dark was a bit of a shock to the system after a few weeks of freshers trips! A very windy change followed and we just about made it before the rain returned. Then it was onto Bodrums for some much needed pizza and Rubicon!

All in all great trip!