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Jingling Pot - 14th Nov 2009

Saturday November 14th 2009

Members present: Catherine Moody,  Laura Bennett,  Luke Brownbridge,  Marion Holloway,  Toby Buxton

Report by Catherine Moody

A day of firsts…. My first time doing this cave (Luke – “How have you never done Jingling before?!”) and hence first time rigging it. The swing to get into the rift was rather fun! Maz’s first SRT trip – she did very well, coping with the re-belays and slightly awkward pitch-heads. At the bottom while Laura, Maz and I free-climbed down to the final chamber, Toby did his first bit of rigging, aided by Luke teaching him lots of bad habits (“Y-hangs are too faffy, just use a one-bolt wonder”) – naughty Luke! On exiting, I had my first experience of being offered a pint at the cave entrance… I was confused to find a generator and lots of random Landrovers… it turned out there was a stag do going on right next to the cave and one of the guys asked if I wanted some beer – random!

Scum rating increased due to rotting sheep at the bottom. Faff rating due to Laura’s caving gear not getting packed and having to drive back to YSS to find it!