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Bar Pot

Sunday November 10th 2013

Members present: Adam Hughes,  Ashley Meredith,  Luke Brownbridge,  Nick Bissett

Report by Adam Hughes

My first time down Bar Pot (amazingly)! The trip was immensely faff free and ran very smoothly. The entrance pitch is quite awkward but relatively easy to get through before heading down the greasy slab to the second pitch.

Route finding from there was quite easy to get to the main chamber with Luke recognising most of the passage. having never been in that part of the system before I wasn't much help until the crawl met up with the section from Flood.

We eventually got into the main chamber which Ash and Nick seemed quite impressed with! After a short bimble around the waterfalls we headed back out, pausing for mars bars after the crawl. By the time we got out it was pitch black and the stars were out but it was only 7pm! Welcome to winter caving...