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Bar Pot - 5th Jan 2011

Wednesday January 5th 2011

Members present: Chad B,  Lieke Oosterkamp

Report by Chad B

So orginally, we were supopose to be doing Swinsto with Marcus and Toby, but that got scraped due to the weather and me not wanting to add to the list of Swinsto rescues. Lieke had not seen the main chamber, giving me the excuse of going down Bar Pot (again!) for which there was a nice snowy scene at the entrance, the others didnt fancy coming, then within half and hour witout even trying we were at South east pot and on our way to the main chamber, which never fails to amaze me. We also went to Mud Hall and Sand Caverns. Interestingly Lieke spotted a passage in the main chamber that I had never come across before, marked by some kind of scaffold strecher type thing with a bus stop sign led onto a passage that was clearly someones dig, it goes on and did get tighter but may go on further. Supopose it could go to some kind of obscure entrance? Then it was off out in to the cold of night with Lieke de-rigging a whole cave for the first time. A fun trip :)