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Trips & Reports 2012

Sunday December 30th 2012 Valley Entrance Members: Adrian Turner,  Mark Sims

10 photos by Mark...

Sunday December 30th 2012 Bar Pot Members: Catherine Moody
Saturday December 29th 2012 Skirwith Cave Members: Adrian Turner,  Caitlin Brumby,  Catherine Moody,  Mike Rippon

Catherine wrote...

Mike's new favourite cave. We weren't feeling any motivation for a "proper" trip, as me and Caitlin were rather bruised from Trapdoor the previous day. Dunno what the boys' excuses were - utter lameness I suspect. Someone (Mandy?) suggested Skirwith to us. An ex-show cave? Sounds perfect! Took forever to find, even with a description; it's very well hidden unless you're looking from the right angle. Almost certainly spent more time combing the field in the rain than we did underground. Fun... read more

Saturday December 29th 2012 Juniper Gulf Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Mandy Fu,  Mark Sims
Friday December 28th 2012 Trapdoor Pot Members: Caitlin Brumby,  Catherine Moody,  Mandy Fu

Catherine wrote...

The important thing to note from this trip is that, although the Black Book puts the estimated trip time at approx 2 h longer than that for Boggarts, we were back at the car and changed before the other group re-appeared. Efficiency in motion. Us, competitive? Nah ;) (I think to be fair think this was mostly due to Jeff and Mandy's speedy rigging/de-rigging though) Cracking trip :)

Mark wrote...

It's possibly got something to do with me throwing my helmet down one of the Boggarts pitches, and Andy trying to upstage me by doing likewise with his whole SRT kit down a pitch we didn't even want to go down... ;)

Catherine wrote...

Excuses excuses :p

Friday December 28th 2012 Boggart's Roaring Holes Members: Andrew Gilmartin,  Luke Brownbridge,  Mark Sims
Saturday December 15th 2012 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Caitlin Brumby,  Mark Sims
Friday December 14th 2012 Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (top) Members: Caitlin Brumby,  Mark Sims

Chad wrote...


Sunday December 9th 2012 Bull Pot Members: Adam Hughes,  Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Sarah Jefferys

Adam wrote...

Super awesome end to Christmas meal. Scum of 3 due to the massive waterfall which Chad assures me isn't usually there! All round awesome trip though!

Sunday December 9th 2012 Old Ing Cave Members: Catherine Moody,  George Bunyan,  Joanna Nicholas,  Joanna Burden,  Louise Bell,  Mandy Fu,  Mark Sims,  Robert Mothersole
Sunday December 9th 2012 Hurnell Moss Members: Patrick Kelly,  Toby Buxton
Saturday December 8th 2012 Brown Hill Pot Members: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  John Holloway,  Marion Holloway

Marion wrote...

Brown Hill keeps its reputation! After a brew at the NPC we proceeded to stand in the snow for half an hour or so, trying to work up the enthusiasm to get changed. Evan had forgotten his undersuit and turned down Chad's so he was changed pretty quickly and waiting for the rest of us to faff around with gear. A LONG walk up the hill, found us in the wrong field and we wandered back to find some CNCC... read more

Saturday December 8th 2012 County Pot Manchester Bypass - Main Drain - Upper Trident Members: Alyssa Scott,  Catherine Moody,  Jenna Sutton,  Luke Brownbridge,  Matthijs Bouwman
Saturday December 8th 2012 Long Kin West Members: George Bunyan,  Louise Bell,  Patrick Kelly
Saturday December 8th 2012 Alum Pot - Long Churn girls vs boys exchange trip. Members: Caitlin Brumby,  Joanna Burden,  Mandy Fu,  Mark Sims,  Robert Mothersole,  Thomas Chatterjee
Friday December 7th 2012 Hurnell Moss Members: Chad B,  Jonathan Booth
Sunday December 2nd 2012 Marble Steps Pot Members: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Jonathan Booth,  Toby Buxton

Jonathan wrote...

Florby FlimP, in a blimP.

Sunday December 2nd 2012 Aquamole Pot Members: Adam Hughes,  Joseph Parker,  Louise Bell
Saturday December 1st 2012 Lost John's Cave Members: Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Jonathan Booth,  Toby Buxton

Chad wrote...

Florby FlimP, in the BlimP.

Wednesday November 28th 2012 Knotlow Cavern - Hillocks Mine Out via Meccano Passage and Hillocks Climbing Shaft Members: George Bunyan,  Joanna Burden,  Kevin Francis,  Patrick Kelly
Sunday November 18th 2012 Notts 2 Members: Andrew Vick,  Andy Hurlbatt,  Catherine Moody,  Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  George Bunyan,  Louise Bell,  Mike Rippon,  Robert Mothersole,  Sarah Jefferys,  Sophie Hentschel
Saturday November 17th 2012 Rowten Pot Members: Catherine Moody,  Chad B,  Evan Cooper,  Robert Mothersole
Saturday November 17th 2012 Long Kin East Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Louise Bell,  Neal Wang
Saturday November 17th 2012 County Pot Members: George Bunyan,  Jessie Liu,  Maros Korinek
Saturday November 17th 2012 Lancaster Hole Members: Francis Lau,  Joanna Nicholas,  Marion Holloway,  Matt Ewles
Saturday November 17th 2012 County Pot - Lancaster Hole Members: Andrew Vick,  Gary Douthwaite,  Sarah Jefferys,  Thomas Chatterjee
Saturday November 17th 2012 Alderley Edge Mines Members: Alastair Gott,  Kevin Francis,  Mandy Fu
Sunday November 11th 2012 Marble Steps Pot Members: Adam Hughes,  Adrian Turner,  Alyssa Scott,  Joseph Parker,  Mark Sims

Adam wrote...

So my second trip to Marble Steps! A little unexpected as we were originally going for Ireby. After a fairly faff free container stop in the morning and hangover curing breakfast at Bernies it was off to the cave. Faffing soon began when we arrived to find one group was already in the system and another were fully changed and ready to go. Despite a leisurely change, the other group set off about 2 mins before us! When we got... read more

Sunday November 11th 2012 Sell Gill Holes Dry Route Members: Greg Smith,  Louise Bell,  Marion Holloway,  Michael Adams

Marion wrote...

After a faffy start (rigging from the wrong hanger and not having sufficient rope for the first pitch...) I got in a good bit of rigging practice. Slight moment at the top of the bottom pitch where I was sure I'd done something wrong, but it was all fine in the end. We had a quick explore down as far as the duck and were out in quick time with Louise doing some speedy de-rigging. All in all a very... read more

Sunday November 11th 2012 Tatham Wife Hole Members: Evan Cooper,  James Henderson,  Laura Ward,  Matt Gosling