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Marble Steps Pot

Sunday November 11th 2012

Members present: Adam Hughes,  Adrian Turner,  Alyssa Scott,  Joseph Parker,  Mark Sims

Report by Adam Hughes

So my second trip to Marble Steps! A little unexpected as we were originally going for Ireby. After a fairly faff free container stop in the morning and hangover curing breakfast at Bernies it was off to the cave.

Faffing soon began when we arrived to find one group was already in the system and another were fully changed and ready to go. Despite a leisurely change, the other group set off about 2 mins before us! When we got to Ireby we found the other group still on the surface so we left it a while and it was decided I was going to rig for the first time, so we were hoping they would be well in front of us by the time we got in. How wrong we were... Six people were waiting to come up the first pitch and the other team had only just made it down. So we bailed and went for Marble steps.

Rigging was really fun! We made steady progress down to the main chamber with some messRT due to us having ropes bagged up for Ireby and not Marble steps. Sadly we didn't have enough rope to rig the 90, so it evades me again! After some casual exploring we headed for the surface with me de-rigging under the watchful eyes of Ade.

A fairly pleasant change followed and then it was off to Bodrums for some much needed pizza where amazingly we bumped into both of the other YUCPC groups who were doing totally different caves, some fantastic timing!

All in all a great trip even though it wasn't the one we signed up for! 8)