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Marble Steps Pot - 16th May 2009

Saturday May 16th 2009

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Ben Scothern,  Chad B,  George Bunyan,  Toby Buxton

Report by George Bunyan

After Ben and Craig from MUSC informed us that this was the weekend of the winch meet at Gaping Gill, we called off our Gaping Gill trip and decided to join them at Marble Steps Pot.

A short walk up the hill reminded me of how unfit I was, but the pleasant entrance made up for it. Ben was to rig sidewinder, with Craig and myself following, while Chad would rig for the others down Gully. The cave was dry, and was generally of standing height. Descent was quick, and both teams reached the bottom at the same time. We went to have a look at Stink Pot, and then my team began the ascent up Gully. I derigged, where one tricky rebelay sent me swinging into a wall in a less than optimal position.

The change provided the scariest moment of the trip, where we could see rain approaching quickly while I was beginning to get changed. I thought that this could be a punishment for shanking rope while the others changed, but one of my fastest change to date kept me dry and we were soon on our way to Bodrums.

It was a fun trip, and I hope to do it again and reach the bottom!