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Here you can see the list of pretty much all the trips YUCPC members have been on over the years. Members can also submit reports which will hopefully help others to avoid problems or just for some inspiration! Use the filters below to view by year or cave.

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Trips & Reports 2016

Saturday January 23rd 2016 P8 / Jackpot Members: Dan Boothby,  Jia xuan Leong,  Mia Kotzageorgi,  Rachel Findlay
Saturday January 23rd 2016 Hillocks Mine - Knotlow Cavern Members: Joshua Young,  Michael Gaskell,  Will Scott
Saturday January 16th 2016 Lost John's Cave Members: Adam Walmsley,  Adam Hughes,  Alistair Rollinson,  Jia xuan Leong,  Joseph Smith,  Joshua Young,  Kevin Hohl,  Mark Sims,  Rachel Findlay,  Will Scott

Will wrote...

The day started very efficiently leaving the store at 0730 and easily finding the alternative route to Skipton avoiding the closed A59. Reaching a cold Ingleton at around 1000 we met Mark and all tucked into a decent breakfast. Some people bought gear in standard fashion and then we set off to Leck Fell……...let the fun and games begin. Leaving Mark’s car in Ingleton he clambered into mine and Rachel followed me. Unsurprisingly she didn’t know the way to Leck... read more

4 photos by Mark...

Sunday January 3rd 2016 Wizards Chasm Members: Adam Walmsley,  Rachel Findlay,  Sarah Jefferys

Adam wrote...

Well it was two years to the day since I last tried to find this cave, so a second attempt was called for. After much faff with grid refs, GPSs, maps, ismartphonewotsits and the like, we rested our navigational hopes on a screenshot of the map on Rachel's phone. As we drove to Langcliffe the rain intensified and 'twas somewhat inclement when we arrived. I watched in amusement as Findles performed some inexplicable manoeuvres in her pimpmobile, slipping and sliding... read more

Sunday January 3rd 2016 Heron Pot Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Mark Sims,  Toby Buxton
Saturday January 2nd 2016 Lancaster Hole to Fire Hydrant Chamber Members: Adam Walmsley,  Chuck Holder,  Gary Douthwaite,  Matt Ewles

6 photos by Gary...

Saturday January 2nd 2016 Trapdoor Pot Members: Mark Sims,  Sarah Jefferys,  Toby Buxton
Saturday January 2nd 2016 Boggart's Roaring Holes Members: Andy Hurlbatt,  Rachel Findlay