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Eldon Hole - 8th May 2010

Saturday May 8th 2010

Members present: Alastair Gott,  Jonathan Booth,  Karim Shokraee,  Luke Gardiner,  Marcus Roby,  Matt Gosling,  Matthew Chubb,  Mike Rippon,  Sam Briscoe

Report by Matt Gosling

As usual the TSG razzle the night before was excellent, football chants, castle assault and kitchen foil makeovers, nosediving through the hatch and Jonny on top form led to an awesome night. "Your mums your dad, your dads your mum, youre interbred, Barnsley scum" said Jonny.

Banter on the way down was excellent with Margaret Thatcher impressions making the shaft sound like it was hosting a punch and Judy show. The snowplug at the bottom of the shaft was quite large and to access the Main Chamber we had to follow a dug-out passage which had the snow to the left and ceiling and the existing cave wall to the right.

3 for hardcore due to the sheer level of sketch at the top of Damoclese Rift: prussiking up a rope that turns out to be attached to nothing makes you glad you still have cowstails on the previous belay, even if that is only attached to a wierd blob of calcite. Millers Chamber was beautiful - sparkling calcite and well decorated pools. One Gour had dried up but gave the impression that it still had water in it due to a strange optical illusion. Thanks to everyone that came and made the whole trip such excellent fun. I have wanted to see Millers chamber for a while and the patience of the team whilst the pull-through was being rigged, which took a while, was excellent.

Think my Shania Twain impression has not impoved a certain landlords impression of my sanity. Ah ah ooahh ah! Marcus is made of adamantium.

End of report.