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Diccan Pot - 2nd Jan 2011

Sunday January 2nd 2011

Members present: Chad B,  Lieke Oosterkamp,  Marcus Roby

Report by Chad B

Well I think the fun rating of 5 can only apply to going into the cave :p

Suprisingly we were the only people at the long churns, to go down Diccan pot with Lieke, while Marcus and Maz took our visitor Malou through Long churn, after which Marcus caught us up.

Rigging Diccan is awesome stuff, you are never too far from the water crashing down the cave - it was quite a din. Plenty of involved rigging, a nice good old swing out to the deviations and some quite exposed traversing.

Coming out was not so much fun, just because of how cold we became - we sent Lieke on her way and I wated at the top of the bottom pitch for Marucs to pass me the tacklesack. However I was to have to wait for about an hour, as Marucs ended up having to do the pitch three times due to the rope snagging. I was shivering in a ball. Eventually I was on my way again, although the numbnuss in me meant that prussicing was hard work, with breathing quite difficult in the water.

Eventually I was up, and I decided to wait for Marcus rather than going back to the car as I wanted to make sure that he was out safely, so once again I got very cold. Eventually after a bit of worry on my part he emerged and off we trooped cold but happyly back to the car where we found the other en-route coming to see why we had taken so long.