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Rowten Pot

Saturday November 26th 2011

Members present: Adam Walmsley,  Caitlin Brumby,  Sophie Hentschel

Report by Sophie Hentschel

One word to sum it up: terrifying! I'm not a big fan of near-death experiences. However, I did enjoy all the way in, because it's just such an impressive setting and you're constantly on the ropes. It was brilliant to try out my shiny new gear whilst doing some more complicated SRT stuff. Perhaps after having 'digested' a bit the shocker of this weekend, I might like to try it again - but only in much better weather conditions! This trip made me realise more than ever before that I don't want to be the passive tourist in a cave, and that I want to learn more about ... everything really, so that I can be responsible myself. Thanks a lot to the heroes I've been with for everything :)