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Rowten Pot A bit damp - 03 Oct 2004

Sunday October 3rd 2004

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Deborah Last,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite

Report by Gary Douthwaite

Rowten is one of my favourit pot holes! Rigging went smoothly and I really enjoyed the trip, partyly cos I hadn't done any serious caving over the summer and was gald to get back underground. There was loads of water in the streamway and we couldn't even get past the waterfall down to look at the sump. Never the less, we all stayed dry... that is until we got back to the surface. Dom was de-rigging as I was first out. I wished I'd stayed in the cave as the wether was freezing rain which I sat in for an hour! I lost all feeling below my neck. Still a good trip though.