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Sell Gill Holes Dry Route

Thursday January 19th 2012

Members present: Gemma Stevens,  Kevin Francis,  Lieke Oosterkamp,  Marion Holloway

Report by Kevin Francis

So good we all went twice apparently!

Despite this being my 3rd trip to Sell Gill I don't think I've ever bothered to walk further than 3 metres from the landing of the bottom pitch. My bad. This time we went to see the wet route waterfall, which was pretty huge, Lieke likened it to GG, in terms of power, noise and spray. It was certainly hecking it down.

Further downstream there was plenty to climb around on, I was surprised how big (though not long) it was. On the way out there are at least 3 crawls off from the first pitch which I had a look at, one of which let me to an aven which I climbed for maybe 4-5m before getting a rope free shout and backing down. I wanted to see if it connected to surface, but what with it being dark outside it was hard to tell!