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Sell Gill Holes Goblin Route

Saturday October 12th 2013

Members present: Catherine Moody,  Matt Gosling,  Toby Buxton

Report by Catherine Moody

After a night of bbq, fireworks and mayhem in Manchester the previous night, Matt was giving Tobes and I a lift home. He wanted to be back in Leeds for 1pm but also really wanting to go caving en route... Meaning a 5am start - ugh!

Arrived at New Houses at 7am. A reluctant change and walk up and we were at the entrance around 8am. I was nominated for rigging, a great plan since I'd had the least sleep (approximately 1 hour), but despite being pretty slow and lethargic and getting the ropes in a massive tangle we were all at the bottom before 9. Matt spotted a toad on one of the rocks; deciding it couldn't possibly survive for long down there we launched a rescue attempt, involving lots of unpacking and repacking of the tackle sack due to the lack of any other transport options. All out and derigged by 10am, toad successfully let back into the (overground) wild. After the initial shock of the early start it was a good trip! Heading back to Leeds at 10.30, I commented how amusing it would be if we were to go to Ingleton for breakfast and be finishing eating just as the others from York were arriving! Home by lunch time - efficiency in motion.