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Ogof Ffynnon Ddu 2 (Cwm Dwr) Pom poms

Tuesday March 18th 2014

Members present: Adam Hughes,  Gary Douthwaite,  Matt Ewles,  Sarah Jefferys

Report by Adam Hughes

So this was to be my first trip into the OFDII streamway from the confluence up to the fault aven series. A brilliant trip for those who haven't done it!!

Principle aim was to find and photograph the Pom Pom coming from Cwm Dwr, a place I'd previously not had much fun in!

Route finding down to the confulence was pretty much straight forward once we had found the correct boulder choke in Cwm Dwr (note to self [and rest of group], make sure you pass the white calcite flow before turning into the choke!!) Once through the choke the way on was via the main route down to Piccadilly before heading upstream with water levels being really quite low.

A significant amount of faff on the trip was trying to sort the pull through out to get up fault aven with gaffa tape being left in the SWCC changing rooms, never the less and ingenius solution was formed utilising Sarah's hair bobble and a bit off Matt's helmet. Eventually we were all up and headed through before the survey made no sense at all with what was laid out in front of us.

Eventually the decision was made to turn back and head out since we all wanted tea!

Sarah lead the way out and did a fine job of navigating, despite missing the way back into the choke which we had handily left a small cairn at until someone decided it was in the way!

All in all a great trip despite not meeting the main objective!