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Link Pot

Sunday October 26th 2014

Members present: Adam Walmsley,  Chuck Holder,  David Hooper,  Luke Everill-taylor,  Rachel Findlay,  Sarah Jefferys

Report by Adam Walmsley

Since we didn't have a description or survey, and none of us knew the cave, it's quite interesting to see where we got to on this little bimble. We started by heading up Pybus By-pass and along the passage to Black Hole Chamber. Here we continued down to the left through a crawl and in to the Night Shift Series. We passed China Dog Chamber and arrived at the start of the Canyon traverse but thought better of it and turned round. Looking at previous YUCPC trip reports, the traverse wasn't even roped until quite recently. Had we continued, this route would have led to the Serendipity Series and Easy Street. Back at Black Hole Chamber a few of us had a quick look in Snuff Rift, before heading back towards the entrance. As we passed Squid Junction, Chuck's curiosity lead him off down the crawling sized passage towards the Wet and Muddy Wallows. This would eventually have led to Dusty Junction in Pippikin/Mistral. When we got back to Hilton Hall, there was just enough energy left for one last foray. We headed down to the end of the hall and through a bouldery window into a smallish canyon passage leading to a larger streamway. This was followed downstream a short distance to the top of Echo Aven, an impressive looking pitch. This would have taken us down the Wormway and the rest of the Stake Pot Series to Lancaster Hole.
Good cave. Good peeps. A return visit is called for.