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Aygill Caverns

Sunday October 26th 2014

Members present: Alexander Al saroori,  Julie Su,  Linda Yu,  Sophie Hentschel,  Steven Spall,  Will Scott

Report by Sophie Hentschel

Aygill Cavern... not so sure about the 'cavern' bit of it, but it was smaller and more tedious than the name implies. Anyways, we set off in high spirits, keen to explore one of the less well-known caves in the Easegill area. Some confusion at the start saw us crawling into all sorts of small cracks until I headed down where Steven had been minutes before and had come back, looking unsure if that small tunnel was the way on. It turned out that he was indeed right and some short distance of squeezed crawling later I finally found the top of the pitch. After some more faff, Will and I had the pitch laddered and safely got our freshies down. Again, the way on was uncertain. We dashed off the obvious, rather inviting walking passage which, to our great disappointment, ended in a cul de sac. That's when we heard Will shouting that the way on was down a not so obvious little crack right at the bottom of the pitch. So off he went, followed by Julie and I, down some more grotty crawling which led to a sharp S bend. After some swearing and shuffling, he got through, whilst our Chinese caving superstar just slid through easy peasy! My hips, however, being a bit larger, decided to get wedged and according to Will, my face tomato red as a result. After some panic and lots of swearing I called it a day, so did Alex, both of us less than sure that we'd fit in and out. Consequently, we all left as this would have reduced the number of experienced people to carry on as Steven needed to head home, too. A short but fafftastic trip. 8)

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