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Notts Pot - 22 Jan 2006

Sunday January 22nd 2006

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Vick,  Audrey Teo,  Chuck Holder,  Debbie Flowers,  Dominic Galliano,  Gary Douthwaite,  Holly Read,  Israel Bontempelli,  John Singleton,  Kevin Francis,  Matt Ewles,  Nicola Gover,  Oliver Bunting,  Richard Gover

Report by Audrey Teo

FUN FUN FUN!!! It was great fun having so many people down the same hole in the ground. :) Waiting around at the bottom was felt like an underground tea party. We really should try to bring cakes and tea next time.

The little vertical gap at the exit was such a pain to get through. I was knackered and I've only just learnt to use the expression "knackered" from Gary in the cave! :s

I've never seen the club so efficient before. Even the minibus was cooperating, doubling as a sun lounge and see-saw.

Best trip I've had so far. :)