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Black Shiver Pot - 09 Sep 2006

Saturday September 9th 2006

Members present: Gary Douthwaite,  Kevin Francis,  Laura Bennett,  Matt Ewles

Report by Matt Ewles

Garys report is spot on and sums it up well.

A great cave, very reminicent of Tatham Wife (which is only about 500m or so along the base of Inglebrough) but rather more hardcore. A rather vespers-style entrance crawl leads quickly to the first pitch. More nasty shaped passages lead quickly onto the second pitch and the third is quickly reached.

The deep pool at the bottom of the forth (?) pitch is rather scary... and is traversed around on the left hand side, into a nasty wet crawl which soon opens out into the head of the big pitch, which is rebelayed/deviated half way down at a jammed boulder.

Gary and I went to the bottom of the big pitch to be greeted by heavy and cold rain so we quickly went back up. Poor Kevin and Laura must have been waiting at the very top for ages. Nobodys fault whatsoever, but very unfortunate.

I really enjoyed the trip though. From the bottom of the big pitch there is only one more short pitch and a duck to the sump, so we more or less got to the bottom