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Black Shiver Pot as far as the pool - 04 May 2008

Sunday May 4th 2008

Members present: Mark Sims,  Matt Gosling,  Matthew Chubb,  Matthijs Bouwman,  Simon Herrod

Report by Matthijs Bouwman

Superb cave, though we only made it to the pool.

After a fairly efficient trip to Ingleton, (including a special breakfast at Bernies :) ), we set out to find Tatham Wife Hole. After parking at the layby just after white scar caves, the faffing began. After changing in the rain (not very cold fortunately), right next to the main road :), Si discovered the boot of his car wouldn't lock anymore. Some fiddling with the lock followed, and eventually the problem was solved.

The time had come to find the cave. Since I had read up on how to find it, I expected it to be tricky to find, but that we would find it eventually. Unfortunately I was wrong, it proved impossible to find! After climbing some steep terrain we reached the limestone pavement. So far so good. After an hour of fruitless searching for the cave, Si stumbled upon a small hole in the ground. After a quick look around, he send Matt C in to explore :P. After Matt went out of hearing/yelling distance, Si decided it might be a good idea if someone went after him. He kindly volunteered.

After a few minutes of silence Matt G went in, and after hearing there were pitches from him, Mark and me followed.

Not sure if we were in the right cave, some discussion followed about if we should continue or not. Eventually we decided to go on, though we would immediately turn around if someone was feeling tired, or noticed any rising water levels. I'm glad we continued, because some superb caving followed. Great pitches alongside impressive waterfalls, and not too much crawly bits. Eventually we reached a fairly tight bit and "black dub pitch". Getting to the pitch requires a bit of awkward climbing/squeezing, but is quite fun to do. What follows is an impressive but eerie pool of completely still water with no apparent floor and no obvious way on. There was just on p-hanger on the left side. After Si and me went down and had a look at it, we decided there was no way on and we would turn back. After Matt C had a quick look, Me, Matt and Matt :P started on our way out, while Si and Mark would be derigging. Our way back went smooth and easy, and we were out in no-time. We only had to wait a little while, before Si and Mark came crashing out of the cave. Walking downhill to the car was much easier than walking uphill, very pleasant indeed. After getting changed (dry this time), we had a look in selected caves (I think) and found out we had just done Black Shiver Pot :). Strangely Si said he had done it before, but didn't recognize it while we were down there :p.

Had "dinner" at Bodrum, and got back at the container 11-ish.

All in all a very enjoyable trip.