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Stream Passage Pot To Bar via the top of Hensler's High Aven - 31 May 2003

Saturday May 31st 2003

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Andrew Vick,  David Sproson,  Deborah Last,  James Gregory

Report by Deborah Last

Winch meets are fantastic ideas. Taking a map of GG might also have been a fantastic idea, preventing the long time we spent getting lost looking for the bottom of disappointment. Still I'm glad to say I've done some the the grade 5 scrottyness that is Henslers Pot and sorry to say it was my inability to get of a pitchhead that caused us to return down the aven and exit via bar. Though i'd like to think that was a good thing cos who knows what time we'd have got out if we'd continued that way. I was absolutely exhausted afterwards and have to thank the Andies for getting me up the greasy slab but a cracking trip all the same.