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Pool Sink - 16 Feb 2007

Friday February 16th 2007

Members present: Chuck Holder,  Debbie Flowers,  Kevin Francis

Report by Debbie Flowers

Such a good trip!! Bit of a discussion over which entrance was the cave but found it eventually (after both chuck and kevin disappearing from earshot thus me thinking some kind of blair witch reenactment was going on). Fun entrance with lots of twists and turns which i liked although the tackle sacks of joy making it a little bit more challenging!! Some good rigging from chuck involving a wonderfully fun swing, and then a traverse which increased the adrenaline rush a little bit, especially as on the way down we decided to ignore the nice little stepping ledge and go higher up! Decided against the final pitch as it was wet and we had lost all track of time (definitely need to get a suitable caving watch) so turned around and i finally derigged my first cave. woo! Out in super time, and wandered back as it was getting dark to the joys of bull pot farms shower, and chuck's premade tea. A great day which was finished off in the pub :-)