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Pool Sink exchange with Wretched Rabbit via Trident - 10th Apr 2009

Friday April 10th 2009

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  Lauren Ellis,  Max Spicer,  Nicola Gover,  Richard Gover

Report by Nicola Gover

A great trip! Particularly the part where we left at 9 after a lovely lie in :-)

Apart for the slightly tight bit in the entrance (only for tall people!) pool sink is a really easy, nice entrance. 4 short pitches as a pull through so nice and quick, with wiggly streamway in between. From the bottom of that we went into county via ignorance is bliss. Someone has put a rope down where you climb up into the streamway roof which makes it easier to spot.
Up to cotton chamber and then on to spout chamber and the bits of trident i remember! At this point rich remembered he had told lauren to take her harness off (team omni!), but forgotten there was a rope/ladder climb, but luckily it wasnt too tricky as the rope and ladder have been recently replaced.The waterfalls in whiteline chamber where looking quite big, but not too much water around. We then headed down via white way back to the trident streamway and our excess gear, followed by a quick exit out of wretched rabbit.
Got out to daylight and sunshine, feeling remarkably energetic (i think it was the lie in!). Lauren and andy were delayed on their way back by a dead body, but we still just made it to bodrums for the teatime special (now extended to 8pm :)). Oh and we had delicious birthday cake too! There followed some cheesy Now 34 tunes, turned up loud with the windows down in Harrogate (we're so cool) and we were back in York by 10.

Oh and we discovered Max's alterego: MAXIMUM SPICE. Can you guess what his superhero powers are? :-)