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White Scar Cave - 03 Nov 2007

Saturday November 3rd 2007

Members present: Imogen Shepherd,  Kevin Francis,  Lauren Ellis,  Matthew Chubb,  Simon Herrod

Report by Lauren Ellis

White Scar was fun, I'm really glad I got to do it :)

The man was no where near as mean and scary as everyone has always made out. And he had a cute doggie.

The tourist part of the cave was very demanding, but also rewarding. Negotiating the tricky squeeze proved to be worth it to be able to see the awe inspiring "Judge's Head". Truely remarkable. The big chamber was pretty cool, especially liked the double glazed patio UPVC door we had to handle to gain entry, as thus far this has been quite a rarity in caves I have encountered.

Jumping over the barrier was cool, and I liked the swims (after getting used to the cold!) Had a heart attack when I thought I'd put my hand in a dead person's hair and got tangled, but Si saved me. It was just a bit of very frayed rope. Water levels were quite high so we had to bypass a few ducks where the twine was instructing us to go. The stomping was fun, and also playing above on the traverse while people below were gettin their feet wet was cool. The climb up to see the straws was definitely worth it, it was very very pretty!!! And the mud slide down was fun. We found a tent and a kettle before going about as far as we could go, then we turned around.

Got a bit worried about Simon on this trip. He spent a large amount of time in this cave topless with a face smeared on his chest in which we assumed was mud, and had to stop to piss 6 times.

We scared a few tourists on the way out, and made a child cry.