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Mandale Mine - 01 Dec 2007

Saturday December 1st 2007

Members present: Ben Reynolds,  Chuck Holder,  Imogen Shepherd,  Kevin Francis,  Meg Chaby

Report by Kevin Francis

When a guide says "bring a large adjustable spanner" you should read that as "bring a large adjustable spanner." Not "bring a small spanner cos it'll probably do" as a small spanner simply ain't big enough! Luckily we now own (after a lovely jaunt to Bakewell, which seemed very vibrant) a spanner that fits the above large and adjustable requirement.

The mine itself was easy to find. Join and follow the nature trail until you see a sign about caving access, then wander in the direction of the old buildings. On removal of the gate the mine is great fun, instantly attacking you with spiders and their egg sacs.

There look to be many possible routes, and after exploring several including stompy passages, amusing rocky crawls, easy traverses and dodgy boulder climbs(though I openly admit to wussing out of a traverse that could have led to a fall into a 5m deep clear pool in the aquaduct level, which we later found was the wrong way anyway!) we headed out to find the weather was taking a turn for the worse.

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