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Mandale Mine - 14 Dec 2008

Sunday December 14th 2008

Members present: Catherine Moody,  Chuck Holder,  Mark Sims

Report by Catherine Moody

Chuck had been going on all weekend about how he wanted to do Mandale Mine and how pretty the pools at the bottom were. Really, they were. He really wanted to do Mandale Mine. So while the majority of the others made a hungover trip to the pub/tea-shop, a group of hardcore cavers dutifully piled into the car and went with Chuck to see what all the fuss was about. We went in, we got very wet. The route that Chuck assured us was usually bone dry was now under 4-5 feet of water. We decided it was safest not to continue and went for a leisurely walk by the river to see the resurgence (to something..(?)) instead. The walk was good, but clearly not as good as caving. I never did get to see those pools, oh well.

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