Recent reports

Peak Cavern - 02 Dec 2007

Sunday December 2nd 2007

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Andrew Vick,  Charlie Dixon,  Debbie Flowers,  Gary Douthwaite,  Imogen Shepherd,  John Singleton,  Kevin Francis,  Matt Ewles

Report by Matt Ewles

We speeded down to the sumps (carrying a scaffold pole each) and had a bit of a splash about, and a handful of people did the free-dive sump. We then headed back, turning off along towards Moss Chamber. This entails climbing up out of the streamway and along a long hands and knees crawling passage for some distance, until you can pop up and into a chamber at the bottom of a muddy slope. A slippery climb up lead to a couple of awkward climbs up a slippery steep bit, and then to a couple of squeezy small tubes, and then a rift with the eyehole through which you have to thrust yourself. This come out at the top of a steep slope down (handlined) and then immediately to a steep slope up (also handlined), and after a few more small wriggles along the floor, to Moss Chamber. A very satisfying end to the trip, with the beautiful white flowstone formation which was at least 6 m high. We turned around at this point and made quick progress back out the cave, stopping only for a bath before entering the show-cave.