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Winnats Head Cave - 22 Dec 2007

Saturday December 22nd 2007

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  James Gregory,  Lauren Ellis

Report by James Gregory

Having been told it was a grade 5 squeezy cave where people have gotten stuck on previous trips I was expecting it to be absolutely horrible. But actually, other than a couple of short squeezes and a couple of slightly dodgy climbs, it's really not that hard - no harder than most grade 4 caves. So an unexpectedly pleasant trip, hard enough to be interesting but not too much.

Near the bottom can be found a series of in-situ SRT ropes heading back up a different route to the way you get in. These ropes go on for long enough that at the top you can't be far off the surface, but whoever is doing the digging doesn't seem to have broken through with a new entrance as yet.