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Winnats Head Cave - 22 Dec 2007

Saturday December 22nd 2007

Members present: Andrew Gilmartin,  James Gregory,  Lauren Ellis

Report by Lauren Ellis

In my defence, all I told James was that there were 2 bits where I couldn't get through cos I'm weak and have a fat arse. And I did say that it didn't seem like a grade 5 to us when me, Si and Debbie did it, and that it was more a grade 5 from the danger perspective.

When I did this trip the first time I swore I would never go back, and when I did go back I remembered why. There was a right annoying climb which I struggled with first time and I struggled with again, but I reckon I was faster 2nd time round, so at least some good came out of it.

It was interesting to do the up route, much better than the down route I think. You just need to have a lot of trust in the tatty old ropes! I wonder how close to the surface they actually are.