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Titan Shaft / Peak Cavern - 09 Mar 2008

Sunday March 9th 2008

Members present: Adam Wilkinson

Report by Adam Wilkinson

After the SRT training course we headed to TSG and stayed the night. Had lots of fun and caver shenanigans. Then we split into lots of different groups going in JH, Titan and Peak. My group were going to do some bolt climbing in the area past the "lake of 1000 banana skins". However we had a group of 5 people going down titan in front of us so we had to leave drill kit behind and not do some bolting. Messed around in dig area seeing where people were digging. Saw some cave divers. We then headed towards peak through some crawl (without kneepads). Went through water waist deep for a bit (in teddy bear undersuit)was alright. Came out peak entrance after cleaning off and saw some tourists (weird lot they are). Other than Titan entrance was very efficient trip and mega fun. Steve was a cool guide. (Also silly Josh got ill)