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Carlswark Cavern - 26 Oct 2008

Sunday October 26th 2008

Members present: Adrian Turner,  Alexander Stelfox,  Becky Harrison ,  Chris Maughan,  Chuck Holder,  John Kendrick,  Kevin Francis,  Max Spicer,  Thomas Blakey

Report by Chuck Holder

An excellent day out and fun was had by all (I hope). My car left an hour early so as we could return yesterdays lights ti Hitch n Hike. Due to the obligatory browsing of gear and a quick look the Peak Cavern resurgence we arrived just before the second car in Outdoor Cafe.
Doing the trip a second time made it much more enjoyable as we knew our way around and there were less groups down there. Tom led on the way in and successfully got us down to stalactite passage and then Alex successful led the return on his first trip. Ade got a soaking with wellie water for which he got his revenge. ;@
After exiting we went and had a look at the rather dry resurgence, or rather Max did as everyone else was too afraid of wellie water.
After a swift return of the lights we met up in Castleton for a rather good fish and chips before a rainy drive home.